Robin Hood Legendary Wine Series

Robin Hood Legendary Wine Series

From the House of Arumdale cool climate wines Awesome wine to share with great friends, family and your special one. Affordable and fine quality, from Elgin in the Western Cape in South Africa. The Robin Hood, The Maid Marian, The Little John and The Friar Tuck.

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Friar Tuck

THE FRIAR TUCK...¬† . Jolly and a little naughty... shiraz based character blend #1 application. (So many applications!!). Last comes… Read More

Maid Marion

THE MARIAN... she is beautiful & courageous, loved by all.. softly shiraz rose Especially for all Hors-d' oeuvres as widely… Read More

Little John

THE LITTLE JOHN....handsome gentle bigness of character... sauv. blanc based.. Next we go¬†through to the first course of fish and… Read More

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