These are words relevant to the heroic Robin Hood and his Merry Band:

How one can use them to make a more fantastic world…Try to connect these words (in no particular order) into one’s attitude to everything and everyone:

HAVE: respect, humour, esteem, love, courage, wisdom, confidence, forgiveness, consideration, courtesy, affection, favour, patience, integrity, a light heart, tenderness, polite regard, kindness, honour, deference, humility, obsequiousness, devotion, comradeship, admiration, reverence, veneration, tidal greatness, friendship, commitment, fidelity, faithfulness, steadfastness, constancy, compassion, discipline, dreams, valour, good manners, stoutness of heart, aliveness, open-ness, unselfishness, fair judgement.


BE: loyal, honest, grace-giving, flattering, generous, early-rising, generous, brave, caring, chivalrous, hearty, jubilant, heroic, spirited, colourful, of service, energetic, gallant, undaunted, honourable, responsible, dutiful, encouraging, radiant, direct, zestful, principled, connected, well tempered, giving, supportive, sentimental, protective, slow to criticize, of good voice.

   AND: be truthful, walk together, laugh well, honour promises, give reward, bear allegiance, be yourself, sing, give credit, acquire knowledge, compliment others, show greatest love.