Friar Tuck

friartuckredwine_001THE FRIAR TUCK…  . Jolly and a little naughty… shiraz based character blend

#1 application.
(So many applications!!).

Last comes the Sweet Friar Tuck, matching Chicken Tikka Marsala, a good spicy dish or a curry…with all the trimmings.. banana, coconut, stewed dried fruit, chutney, onion garlic and tomato…. poppadums…cream cheese and sweet chili..  eish!! The sweetness is most pleasing in the presence of spices..

The Friar TUCK #2 application…

with CHEESES Supplementary to the affinity for the above, the Friar suits the Cheese and biscuits time with the Wheatsworths, and rye crackers, and those cheezy-bits and nibbles along with the fine colourful selection of even the strongest range of cheeses

“The Choc TUCK” application #3…  with Choccies and coffee

The Friar goes alongside the coffee..frappuchino, cappuchino, and steamy Chocolate and fragrant roast coffee-bean aromas.

“The Rock TUCK” application#4..  on the rocks

Here is a fantastic suggestion.. (Sacrilege to the studious wine buffs) Here one is invited to have the wine on the rocks. The F.T. is delicious as an aperitif. (This has been favoured by many of our tasters.)                                 ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

Maid Marian

THE MARIAN… she is beautiful & courageous, loved by all.. softly shiraz rose

maidmarianrosewine_001Especially for all Hors-d’ oeuvres as widely varied as from salmon to samoosa! (Definitely not rollmops though..)…The Maid Marian is an Off-dry, Plush- Rose, pure Shiraz based, with a very feint hint of a fascinating spiciness. Shiraz has the natural tendency to present itself as somewhat spiced and somewhat herby, this is delightful to experience instead of the “sweet-cool-drink-style”. The flavours are closely associated with the nuances of green/red peppers, celery, celery and cucumbers. … Tuna salad, prawn salad, salmon salad with generous cuts of capsicum, celery sticks, spring onion, chives..  all topped with honey and mustard dressing.

In the hors d’ oeuvres department alongside canapés, cheese-bites, sausage bites and hot bacon-covered prunes fine accompaniment is the Maid Marian.

Little John

littlejohnwhitewine_001THE LITTLE JOHN….handsome gentle bigness of character… sauv. blanc based..

Next we go through to the first course of fish and calamari, white meats or veil..

The Little John.. this is off-dry and has an enticing freshness to entertain the palate…

Sauvignon Blanc based, and reflects the special crisp ‘Elgin’ nuances in flavour with a really soft and fragrant finish. Tasters speak of a touch of asparagus hidden amongst cape gooseberries, fig, and tropical fruit…

The trick, always with the Sauvignon Blanc, to make sure of fullest ripeness which gives a smoother finish on the palate absence of an irritating acidity. “No!”, we say, “To that acidic finish.”

Robin Hood Legendary Wine Series

These are words relevant to the heroic Robin Hood and his Merry Band:
How one can use them to make a more fantastic world…Try to connect these words (in no particular order) into one’s attitude to everything and everyone:

HAVE: respect, humour, esteem, love, courage, wisdom, confidence, forgiveness, consideration, courtesy, affection, favour, patience, integrity, a light heart, tenderness, polite regard, kindness, honour, deference, humility, obsequiousness, devotion, comradeship, admiration, reverence, veneration, tidal greatness, friendship, commitment, fidelity, faithfulness, steadfastness, constancy, compassion, discipline, dreams, valour, good manners, stoutness of heart, aliveness, open-ness, unselfishness, fair judgement.


BE: loyal, honest, grace-giving, flattering, generous, early-rising, generous, brave, caring, chivalrous, hearty, jubilant, heroic, spirited, colourful, of service, energetic, gallant, undaunted, honourable, responsible, dutiful, encouraging, radiant, direct, zestful, principled, connected, well tempered, giving, supportive, sentimental, protective, slow to criticize, of good voice.

   AND: be truthful, walk together, laugh well, honour promises, give reward, bear allegiance, be yourself, sing, give credit, acquire knowledge, compliment others, show greatest love.