friartuckredwine_001THE FRIAR TUCK…  . Jolly and a little naughty… shiraz based character blend

#1 application.
(So many applications!!).

Last comes the Sweet Friar Tuck, matching Chicken Tikka Marsala, a good spicy dish or a curry…with all the trimmings.. banana, coconut, stewed dried fruit, chutney, onion garlic and tomato…. poppadums…cream cheese and sweet chili..  eish!! The sweetness is most pleasing in the presence of spices..

The Friar TUCK #2 application…

with CHEESES Supplementary to the affinity for the above, the Friar suits the Cheese and biscuits time with the Wheatsworths, and rye crackers, and those cheezy-bits and nibbles along with the fine colourful selection of even the strongest range of cheeses

“The Choc TUCK” application #3…  with Choccies and coffee

The Friar goes alongside the coffee..frappuchino, cappuchino, and steamy Chocolate and fragrant roast coffee-bean aromas.

“The Rock TUCK” application#4..  on the rocks

Here is a fantastic suggestion.. (Sacrilege to the studious wine buffs) Here one is invited to have the wine on the rocks. The F.T. is delicious as an aperitif. (This has been favoured by many of our tasters.)                                 ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!