THE MARIAN… she is beautiful & courageous, loved by all.. softly shiraz rose

maidmarianrosewine_001Especially for all Hors-d’ oeuvres as widely varied as from salmon to samoosa! (Definitely not rollmops though..)…The Maid Marian is an Off-dry, Plush- Rose, pure Shiraz based, with a very feint hint of a fascinating spiciness. Shiraz has the natural tendency to present itself as somewhat spiced and somewhat herby, this is delightful to experience instead of the “sweet-cool-drink-style”. The flavours are closely associated with the nuances of green/red peppers, celery, celery and cucumbers. … Tuna salad, prawn salad, salmon salad with generous cuts of capsicum, celery sticks, spring onion, chives..  all topped with honey and mustard dressing.

In the hors d’ oeuvres department alongside canapés, cheese-bites, sausage bites and hot bacon-covered prunes fine accompaniment is the Maid Marian.